Art Workshops

August 2012 - Binham Grange

All workshops are held in the barns and grounds of the Grange so please wear warm clothing in the weather is cool.

Thu 16th - Wire Workshop - Fiona Campbell Tel: 01749 880394. Start: 10.30am

Explore wire-making and have fun being creative! Templates of creatures or plants will lead to the creation of your own 2-d or 3-d wire piece for indoors or outdoors. Various coloured wires will be provided and a range of wire-making skills will be taught. For additional decorative qualities, you may wish to bring a range of beads and buttons to incorporate into your work.

Charge £20 pp inclusive of materials or £10 for half a day

Fri 17th - 3D Workshop - Melanie Deegan Tel: 01984 624544. Start: 10.30am

Come and spend a day creating a sculpture in plaster. The workshop will include making an armature, building a small sculpture from plaster and mixed materials and adding colour to create a finished piece.

Please bring pictures of animals, figures or abstract structures for inspiration and a packed lunch. All tools and materials supplied. £45

Sunday 26th Aug - The Joy of Sketchbooking both paper and digital - Alison Jacobs Tel: 07833 750 428. Start: 10.30am

Whether you are a beginner or an established creative, keeping a sketchbook is a pleasure as well as a necessity. Join Alison for a day of sketching around the grounds of Binham this will include the farm so be prepared for the environment and smells that come with it. Alison will supply paper sketchbooks and basic drawing equipment but if you have a current book you are working on or your favourite kit please feel free to bring it along. Alison will help you with drawing skills and techniques if you need it and show you how sketchbooks can be used to develop projects. Alison will also give a demonstration on her iPad and advice to those interested in sketching on digital devices.

Be prepared for some sketching in the open air and weather.

10.30 to 5pm with 1 hour for lunch £15 half day £30 full day per person

Thursday 30th Aug - Soap Making - Sarah Meikle Tel: 01458 251365. Start: 11am

Creating and decorating scented soaps using aromatherapy oils and other essences. Please wear old clothes/an apron and if possible bring the following - a plastic bag/plastic box to take work home in, an old mixing bowl, an old towel, a cheese grater, a stirring spoon or fork and a pair of rubber gloves if you have sensitive skin. Aged 10 upward - children must be accompanied by an adult. 11am - 1pm cost £25 including materials

Thursday 30th Aug - Felt Making - Sarah Meikle Tel: 01458 251365. Start: 2pm

Making and decorating felt to create small items or jewellery. Please wear old clothes/apron and if possible bring a plastic carrier bag to take work home, a pair of rubber gloves to protect you skin, a rolling pin and an old towel. Aged 10 upward - children must be accompanied by an adult. 2pm - 4pm cost £25 including materials

Sat 1st Sept - 3D Workshop - Melanie Deegan Tel: 01984 624544. Start: 10.30am

See previous 3D workshop for details.