Rachel Waldock - Drawing & Painting

In recent years I have mainly drawn, direct from nature, layering plants and flowers. The work evolves with continuous decisions about line, balance, colour, positive and negative space.

At one time I never erased a line. In the last year I have begun to erase, to paint over drawn images and written words. This process leaves traces of the original images disguised, suspended in layers, hidden, submerged â a secret garden

Most recently Iâve yearned for the space of the moors and I find I am painting â combining watercolour and gouache âerasing paint, discovering new ways of creating layers.

These layers use paint and colour to obscure in places, clarify in others; shifting the focus across the picture plane, picking out details, blurring others.

In this way I attempt to discover new ways of revealing distance, space, focus and detail, inviting the viewer to inhabit a moment in time, share an emotional memory of a place and its potential for mystery.

Contact Details:

01984 640953



West Somerset