Penny Price - Jewellery

My obsession is with form and structure. The forms that I create are inspired by nature, landscape, architecture and life drawing. The challenge is to translate my ideas into wearable pieces whose qualities reflect the individuality of the wearer.

Surface colours and decoration are incidental and only used to emphasise or highlight a structure. My objective is that each form is decorative and complete in its own right without further need for embellishment. I certainly belong to the ‘Less is More’ school of thought!

I studied jewellery design at Central School of Art, London and have exhibited at The Goldsmiths Hall, The Design Centre, The Business Design Centre and many smaller galleries. In 1976 I was commissioned by Pink Floyd to make silver pigs to commemorate their ‘Animals’ tour.

I moved to the Midlands in 1978 where I exhibited in many galleries and taught wax carving at community workshops. In 1997 I was commissioned by the charity ‘Tusk’ to produce a range of pendants featuring endangered species. In 2007 I moved to Milverton where I regularly organise exhibitions and exhibit my work.

Contact Details:

01823 400332

Milverton, Somerset