Pennie Elfick - Painting

My paintings and prints are informed by observing everyday occurrences in the landscape. I am investigating how colour and form can reflect an emotional feeling ‘of place’. Resolutely abstract, these paintings are influenced by the Minimalists, but do not rigorously negate the hand of the maker.

My aim is to create work that has a duality, it is an emotional response to something natural but abstract in its pictorial structure. By removing figurative references to the natural work I am able to investigate the poetry that can be created from colour and form in a purely abstract manner. These canvases by the particular use of colour create surfaces that sit quietly and yet command attention from the viewer challenging them to contemplate and reassess what they think they see.

I exhibit across the Southwest and London and have undertaken commissions for international companies.

Contact Details:

01823 698821 / 07970 903128

Stathe, Somerset