Kate Semple - Sculpture

My relationship with stone began over fifteen years ago,and it has been my major source of employment and inspiration ever since.

The steady, methodical process of carving stone suited me immediately, as did the fact that a bag full of tools was all that was required to get started. Once I had developed an interest in stone carving it opened my eyes to the wonders of architecture and sculpture in stone worldwide.

After an initial art school training, I worked for some years in the stone industry to gain the skills required to move back towards making sculpture. Now I work to commission, for exhibitions and teach part time.

I try to make sculpture that is fresh, uplifting and intriguing, combining the skills of an ancient craft with my desire to use stone in contemporary, innovative ways. Geometry plays a strong part in my work, as do things being contained within boxes, resulting in sculpture that hovers between abstract and representational with an often surreal twist.

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Holcombe, Somerset