Karenina Kliber - Drawing & Painting

Figurative artist and photographer Karenina Kliber was born in Oxford in 1964. She spent 26 years of her life caring for her family and in 2010 she was finally able to return to her love of art again. She is currently a full-time figurative artist who found joy in her observations of people including children; how they behave, their expressions, and their gestures. Her work includes a wide range of media including pencil/ink pen drawing, dry pastels, aqua oil, traditional oils and acrylics. The media may be used separately or mixed.

Karenina often visits Southampton park to sketch figures in motion using emotive lines. She catches the energy from within the figures while allowing her sub-conscious to draw without limitations. Also, she enjoys taking photographs of nature especially flowers.

Contact Details:

07917324525 Please use text messages only (I cannot hear on the phone)



Southampton, Hampshire