Jenny Graham - Painting

Jenny Graham has been working as an artist in Somerset since moving there in 1984. She studied both in New York and Bristol, where, in 1997 she received an MA in Printmaking from the University of the West of England.

Her work explores the specific aspects of each location - those things which make it unique. She is attracted to the timelessness of landforms contrasted with the interventions of society and agriculture. Working on-site in the landscape she makes quick sketches and notations on colour, time of day, date, weather and location. In her studio, she combines this information with her emotional and visual recollection of the place. By keeping any disruption of the painted surface to a minimum, her work emphasises the simplicity of juxtaposed forms and the interaction between areas of colour. This encourages the viewer to focus on the subject rather than the technique.

She is a member of 'Fingerprint' and 'Somerset Printmakers' and her work is included in the book 'Fifty Wessex Artists'.

Contact Details:

07743 132157 / 01823 698526

Moorlinch, Somerset