Jay Davey - Sculpture

It was by sheer accident that Jay Davey ended up working with willow. A chance meeting while living in Canada, brought him to the Somerset Levels. The area is the perfect environment for willow, where it has been grown for thousands of years.

For over 15 years, Jay has worked with willow, from crafting traditional hurdles to creating bespoke structures, based on his creative use of the material and incorporating the needs of his clients. He began exhibiting his sculptural pieces at Somerset Artweek in 2009.

What Jay produces is hand crafted with traditional materials, but his designs range from rustic to contemporary. “Willow is an amazing material, so adaptable and I want people to see that it can be used in any garden, from traditional, to minimal and modern settings. I have worked on penthouses in Knightsbridge, as well as Cornish cottages.” Jay started working with willow in a more sculptural way several years ago, from adding creative flourishes to insitu fencing, to using willow purely to create flowing forms and structures. His work explores the natural interplay of curve, line and form. Curved and shaped insitu woven willow is sculptural and practical. Willow can give a garden privacy, as well as become a feature on its own, creating focal points and framing views. Willow can be used in a living form as well, to create a leafy arbour, tunnel or bespoke structure. Sculptural pieces can be created for indoor or outdoor use.

Jay has begun to carve in stone and wood, to create mixed media work.

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Taunton, Somerset