Craig Askew - Painting

Brought up by the sea I have always had a connection and a love of the sea and the sea shore. When I am by the sea it is the place that I feel most alive and connected. I am full of the romantic ideal and love of the raw nature of the sea and storm and am entranced by its surface and the many skies that pass over it..à The sound of it as it gently laps on the sand or the crash as rollers smash into the rocks; it is the smell and the taste of the sea salt on my face and on my tongue, the feel of the sand between my toes, the icy cold of the water as I dive beneath its surface. All of this I try to get into my work, often it is a record of a moment in time, a memory or an expression of a place I know intimately.

My latest work is becoming much more minimal in respect of its imagery. and I am becoming much more interested in the quality and look of the paint on the surface. Many of the works are becoming purer and almost àan abstracted response, the sea and sky separated by one simple horizon line.à

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Wellington, Somerset