Chris Kampf - Sculpture

Cartoon sculpture has been my forte over the last twenty years. Looking to take a break from this more intricate work and save my eyes at the same time, I have returned to a previous interest in natural form. In the Spring of 2013 I began work on a range of leaf forms. The sculptural fern fronds have become my favourite, I have completely new designs for 2014.

Embracing some new welding and metalworking techniques has lead and inspired further designs. Each is individually crafted in my garden studio before being planted in the lawn, to age over a few weeks.

The idea behind simple steel shapes was to produce natural forms that, while fitting well in their surroundings, also stand out through contrasting texture and colour. Many of the designs create hollow form, framing fragments of background nature or buildings. Reflection and light add to the 360 degree interest Iâm always trying to achieve.

Contact Details:

01935 827836 / 0775 3520479

Martock, Somerset