Chris Webb - Sculpture

I work primarily in Portland stone to create large, rounded organic pieces, sometimes inspired by the human form. More often I sculpt from a visual image which has come into my mind and which I then try to recreate from within the stone.

l like to work in diffused light constantly using my hands to stroke and caress the stone, often with my eyes shut allowing my hands to feel and explore the curves which l find calming and yet exhilarating. I use touch as a form of instinctive communication, I donât think with the spoken word.

To me the pieces are as much about touch as about visual art and the frequent touching and caressing of the stone is a reassuring and nurturing process of revealing the form that lies within the stone.

I work to music ranging from opera to soul, drinking tea and eating far too many ginger nut biscuits. The dust gives me dry lips and makes my hair stick out, but most of all the finished piece makes me smile until my cheek bones ache.

Contact Details:

01622 670410

Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset