Bill Leyshon â Portrait Painting

Bill Leyshon was born in Glastonbury in 1957 and educated in Street. He left school to take up an apprenticeship as a thatcher in Compton Dundon, working in Somerset and throughout the UK until moving to Normandy 25 years ago. He lives with his wife and their five children, all girls, in a converted nunnery although none of the girls are expected to take up that particular living.

He started painting three years ago after making his own paints with egg and pigments for painting the daub walls of their house. His style of painting directed him towards portraiture and his fascination is in trying to capture a likeness that has a psychological penetration.

To improve his draughtsmanship, he has attended lifedrawing classes and is constantly sketching and painting his family and friends. In learning to use paint, he has been sharing the studio of a professional painter in France, Pierre Saez, as well as visiting many museums and galleries. He continues to experiment in different media and recently studied portrait painting at Central St Martins. He is particularly enjoying working on full length portraits as he feels a personâs clothes and stance say so much about their character. Bill takes commissions in both Somerset and France.

Contact Details:

00 33 231 639436

Somerset / France