Ben Yates - Photo-Cubism & Sculpture

The basis of my Photo-Cubism work is photography, but the technique of mounting each print 3-dimensionally gives each piece an originality otherwise lacking in the medium. Each extruded picture becomes an abstract colour study, or an optical illusion, changing appearance as the viewer walks around it. The grid pattern formed by the blocks draws the eye around the construction of the piece, engaging the viewer in an exploration of the subject.

Photo-Cubism is my mainstay, but I am still experimenting and producing work in other mediums – mural painting, and sculpture in found objects and electronics. I have an interest in using recycled materials, particularly circuit boards and other wasted electronic components in creating small-scale cityscapes with integrated lighting systems.

These installations conjure an image of a future society built from what we throw away, but encasing them inside an acrylic and glass coffee table not only keeps them free of dust and damage but also makes them a practical piece of furniture. Functionality has also become a feature of these installations, including such items as CD players/speakers and digital photo frames. Dystopian or utopian, the ‘Electri-Cities’ are as entrancing as they are complex and will draw people back again and again.

My work is modern and intricate, yet simple, vibrant and young.

Contact Details:

07762 369470