Becky Buchanan - Abstract Painting

Colourful, confident and contemporary are three words synonymous with the artwork of Becky Buchanan. A recent first class fine art graduate from Plymouth University, Becky is already beginning to gain recognition for her innovative use of medium and bold execution.

âI am primarily inspired by contrasts between the natural and the artificial; this becomes manifest in my work through contrasting visual languages. I am inspired by visual surprises such as the juxtaposition of organic textures set against synthetic finishes, or bold gestural marks set against those that are barely perceptible. My paintings are made up of abstracted elements that reflect the contrasts that we experience every dayâ.

Beckyâs artwork is generally large in scale, and is fairly unique by virtue of the fact that she employs the use of Resin Paint. This affords the work a particularly contemporary edge.

Based on the edge of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset, Becky is now working towards her first solo show, due to be held by her gallery (Edgar Modern) at the beginning of November 2010.

Contact Details:

01460 234 071

Chard, Somerset.