Alison Jacobs - Painting

Alison is a full time artist from Somerset. Having worked for many years in London as a graphic designer Alison has returned to the countryside to rediscover the rural landscape and environment which is now an important influence on her work.

Alison paints mainly in acrylic painstakingly applied in many thin layers to achieve the clean, modern look with the detail she desires. She endeavours to render realistic looking animals avoiding stylised clichés which she found so prevalent and disturbing in her former career.

Alison explores ways of representing animals in a naturalistic and engaging way to help the viewer feel that they could almost be part of that moment. The animals are removed from the landscape to echo our own disassociation from food production and working animals.

Alisonâs landscape paintings are painting outdoors from life and are a direct response to the beauty and wildness of the South Westâs countryside.

Alison lives and works on a part of the Somerset coast that is currently undergoing change on a scale not seen for generations. This yearâs work will reflect this transition as she explores the impact and possibilities of change.

Contact Details:

07833 750 428